Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards

'Rory Kitesurfing 11Nov2006' - Kefalonia
'Rory Kitesurfing 11Nov2006' - Attribution: Robert Wallace

Even though the village of Lourdata is just 16 kilometres away from the big city of Argostoli, it is in a privileged location of lush vegetation and fertile plains in the area of Leivathos. It is surrounded by Mount Aenos which protects the colourful gardens and orchards from the strong winds blowing there. The Robola zone isn’t far from there and that is why the area is full of green vineyards and olive groves. The village also produces vegetables and fruit of excellent quality.

In such a green background, the accommodation in Lourdata couldn’t be anything else but surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, offering stunning views of Mount Aenos and the Ionian Sea. There are plenty of options for accommodation there, including 2 and 3-star hotels, apartments, studios and villas. Some of them have their own pools and what’s better than having a refreshing swim in the pool followed by a relaxing cocktail next to an olive grove or vineyard? Nowhere else could you combine the luxuries of modern life with the beauty of nature. If you prefer the view of the Ionian Sea and the romantic sunsets, there are also places to stay just a few metres away from the beach.

The beach in Lourdata is a vast sandy beach and one of the longest on the island. There are organised parts but because of its size you will also find a lot of secluded and peaceful spots for more privacy. From here you can hire motor boats.
\rThere are other adjacent beaches and coves to the beach of Lourdata and one of them is Trapezaki beach. Its name means small table in Greek and it is approximately a thirty minute drive from Argostoli. This beach is actually on the right side of the fishing port, whereas on the other side it is the long beach of Kaminia –not to be confused with the turtle nesting beach in Ratzakli.

The beach of Trapezaki has both pebbles and sand and it’s good for families due to the shallow and crystal clear waters. There are no water sports facilities on this beach, but there is a tavern and a snack bar. Behind the beach, there is a green hillside up on which there are a few taverns and mini markets. The area is not an actual resort, but there are accommodation facilities scattered on the cliff and along the road to Lourdas where there are more modern amenities.

For the more active travellers, there are walking trails through the vineyards which lead to Karavados, Lourdata and Agios Thomas beach. In a few kilometres, you will come across the convents of Agios Andreas and Agios Gerasimos as well as the castle of Agios Georgios offering panoramic views of the whole area of Leivathos. From the nearby port of Pessada, trips to Zakynthos run on a daily basis.

Lourdata and Trapezaki are alternative places to stay in Kefalonia, with beautiful green surroundings and many sandy beaches nearby. Why not stay here and hit two birds with one stone?

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